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10 Important Pointers That Will be Useful When Moving Houses with An Elderly Relative

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In as much as most people think moving is always a hectic task, wait until you have to move with an elder in the mix. This will, in its own way, make stress feel soothing. Moving from one house to another with an elderly involved can be a challenging endeavor. And you need to be physically and emotionally prepared for the whole moving process. Not to mention you also need to inform your Calgary movers that you have an elderly relative so as for them to be prepared and make the necessary adjustments. Even so, you can still use some tips and tricks to make the whole process less stressful that it would have been. Here is a short list of some of the pointers to try out.

1. Seeking For Assistance From The Movers

You will want extra help on the moving day. In as much as you may want to be the one to care for your elderly relative or parent, this might be the time to have someone else do it for you just for a short period. Doing this will also get you some extra time and energy on your hands, so you focus on the moving process.

2. Effective Communication

It is not an uncommon thing to see seniors being emotionally vested in some household items, and the house itself. And, thus, having to make them move from these homes can be traumatizing to them. To make the transition less painful to them, you can sit them down and have a conversation with them about some of the reasons why you need to relocate. Make them understand and comprehend the situation.

3. There Must Be Compromised

Compromise is a virtue that you need to exercise a lot especially with the elderly. After all, they have lived for a lot longer than you have. They deserve it.

4. A Well Planned Moving Day

Hiring a full-service mover can easily solve most of your moving problems. You will have more time on your hands to care for your elderly as the movers work on the moving process. This is also the most expensive method. The movers can pack everything, load them, transport, and even unpack them when they reach their destination.

5. Cleaning And Making Repairs

You also need to note that the general minimum requirement for selling, renting, or passing your old home need to be met and are the same. The old house needs to be cleaned and repairs made on any parts of the house that need attention. So, clean and repair any issues in your home early rather than waiting until the day of the move to do so.

6. Organize For Junk Removal

Moving into your new home with an elderly is also a time for a fresh start. You can start from a clean slate by identifying any of the old stuff in your home that you feel you or your elderly relative will need and getting rid of them. You can rid yourself of these things by donating them, selling them, or giving them to your friends and family members as gifts.

7. Doctor

Most seniors always need to be monitored and cared for at all times. And that also means that you need to make their healthcare your top priority. Help your elderly relatives find a new doctor in the new state or city that you are moving in.

8. A List Of Close Relatives

Enlisting for some help from your relatives and other family members can also help relieve some stress off your back as you plan the moving process. You can talk to some family members to take some days off work if possible and help look after your elderly relatives as you move your stuff.

9. Elderly Care Service Provider May Be Needed

You can now also hire specialists from Caring Transitions or a Senior Move Manager to help care for your elderly as you move. So, you do not have to do both works at the same time.

10. Prepping Your New Home

You also need to prepare the new home to be accommodative enough for your elderly relatives or parent’s needs. Make the new home feel as comfortable as possible for them to live in and also start a new life.

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