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5 Criteria to Use to Choose Furnaces

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If you have had a lot of furnace repair issues, you need to switch out your furnace, especially if it is over 15 years old.

Even if your furnace runs okay, you still should think of making a switch as doing so will reduce what you spend in energy and balance out the heating in your home. Below are criteria to use when making a new furnace selection.

1. Select the Right Size of Furnace

Size does matter when you are selecting a furnace. For example, if your furnace is too small, it cannot adequately heat your home. That is why you need to determine what size furnace to install for your living space. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable inside during the wintertime.

Some homeowners buy too-big furnaces. In fact, that is the problem with most new furnace installations. A furnace that is too large cycles on and off more often, which places additional wear on parts, wastes fuel, and cause uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. In addition, you need to install bigger ducts with a larger furnace, which can increase the noise of the air circulating through the house.

2. Check About a Repair First If the Furnace Is Newer

You may be able to get by with only a furnace repair and not a replacement if your furnace is about five years old. For instance, if your airflow is inadequate, check the filter. A clogged filter can severely affect the flow of the air. Also, check the thermostat. A wire may be loose or the batteries may need to be changed if the thermostat is digital.

3. Review the Furnace’s Major Features

When picking a new furnace, you also need to note the features. For instance, if you wish to install a gas furnace, check out such amenities as the following: the variable speed blower, air filtration, and dual heat exchanger. You should also review offerings such as zoned heating and the furnace’s ignition system.

4. Carefully Read the Warranty

When installing a new furnace, you also need to scan the warranty. Take note that lower-efficiency furnaces come with a shorter-length warranty. The more energy efficient the furnace, the longer the warranty terms. Read those terms before you make a buying decision.

5. Review All the Types of Furnaces

Even if you have a gas or electric furnace, look at all the kinds of furnaces and the energy they use. For example, you may want to save more on your energy use by installing a heat pump or a furnace that burns oil. Look at the benefits of these alternative heating sources. Heat pumps are inexpensive to add and can provide just enough heat if you live in a warmer climate. Oil furnaces, on the other hand, are not dangerous as natural gas is as oil will not explode. If you live in a cold climate, this feature is worth noting. Reviewing the various heating devices will make it easier to make a sound investment.


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