6 Reasons to Choose Furnished Apartments Over Hotel Rooms for Long-Term Travel


Traveling to a new city or country for pleasure or business requires finding the best place to stay. Most people choose hotels, but for any trip that lasts more than a couple of weeks, furnished apartments may be a better option. The benefits of short term rentals range from comfort and convenience to overall cost savings.

Consider these 6 reasons to choose furnished apartments instead of hotels the next time you need to travel for a longer perdiod of time.


1 — More Room to Spread Out 

Even the nicest hotels only give you a bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom. The kitchenette may consist of a mini-fridge and a coffee maker on a small table with two chairs nearby. Not only do you get a fully equipped kitchen with an apartment rental, you have a full living room to relax in, and possibly multiple bedrooms to choose from.


2 — Neighborhood Feel

In hotels, neighbors come and go. Even if you stay for a month, you will not meet any of them or get involved in the surrounding area. Apartments offer the chance to get acquainted and live your life closer to the way you do at home. Take a jog around the block in the morning. Become a regular at the local diner.

3 — Kitchen Comfort

One of the best reasons to choose short-term apartments over hotel rooms is kitchen access. Eating out for every meal is expensive. Even heading down to the hotel restaurant can get boring and tedious. Sometimes you just want to stay in, lounge around in your pajamas, and have a bowl of soup or a plate of pasta.

4 — Community Amenities

Hotels may have a gym, pool, and spa, but most apartment complexes have these things too. They also frequently have more robust parking options and even reserved spots, full laundry facilities, private or semi-private outdoor living space, and more allowances for pets and visitors. Find out more on community amenities here.

5 — More Central Locations

Unless you are traveling to a very popular destination with a lot of tourists or corporate traffic, a hotel could leave you on the outskirts of the area or out near the highway. Apartments are built and rented right in the middle of where people want to live. This means you will be closer to the office, the attractions, and the nightlife.

6 — Save Money Overall

Although the actual savings depends on where, how big, and when, short term rentals of an apartment can save you up to 50% over a hotel rental. This is just for the room itself, too. You will also save on food, tips, and more.

For a more comfortable atmosphere and a lower budget for long-term travel, short term apartment rentals with furniture included make sense. Next time you go out of town for business or pleasure, consider renting a home away from home instead at City Gas Suites.

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