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6 Ways To Get A Great Deal On A Condo In Toronto

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Toronto condos are genuinely extravagant residences for anyone who has the money to live in one. However, even with money to throw away why not get the best deal that you can get, right? Many Toronto condos are not cheap like many condos aren’t, and it would be a great deal of help to you, and your bank account will thank you – if you try and find a good deal on living in a condo.

The condo lifestyle and experience is something that very few people will ever have the experience to experience but with the right amount  of money, a right eye for detail and a tongue that can converse well enough to make and close a deal you may very well find yourself living in a condo at a much lower cost than initially thought.

Here are six ways to get a great deal on a condo in Toronto:

# 1 – Love Your Location

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Now, this may make or break your decision to wanting to choose your oartcilaur condo. If you are living in a city, then it is more likely that you will have to pay some money for the condo. But it isn’t a loss of money on your part for you love the location and if you are not that far from your place of business.

# 2 – What Are The Amenities?

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If you are not getting the latest and best regarding technology or services, then you may very well be able to negotiate the price to better suit the lack of amenities.

# 3 – Any Condo Fees?

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This is salient. For some condos – there will be condo fees (kind of like maintenance fees). It is essential to ask about this early on in the signing process so as not to be hit with a  $5,000 maintenance bill and be left there wondering how that happened.

# 4 – Negotiate Perks and Upgrades

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Negotiate. Negotiate. Negotiate. Now we aren’t saying you have to go out there and be like Sam Jack from “The Negotiator.” But it will not hurt to try and see how much lower you can pay for the condo and if you can upgrade – meaning get more at a price tag that you think is acceptable.

If you are going to pay millions for a condo, you should at least have a jacuzzi on the outdoor patio. I mean come on – these are millions of dollars you are paying.

# 5 – Get A Parking Spot

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This is incredibly important. If you are living in the city, you know how difficult it can be to get parking. So that is one of the major perks of living in a condo you have your very own parking space – or at the very least you SHOULD have your very own parking space.

# 6 – Evaluate The Property Management Company

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Before settling into your new condo, you may very well want to do a bit of investigating the management of the building. Find out how many accidents – if any – they have had due to a lack of their negligence in the building landscape.


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