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A Closer Look At Licensing and Certification Requirements for Movers

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Hiring movers to assist with relocation plans is one of the top steps you can take to prepare for a move, and this holds true whether you are planning a commercial or residential relocation. The services of a reputable and established moving company can be invaluable on moving day, providing you with the full level of support you need to handle even the most strenuous moving projects with ease. They provide services that range from packing and storage to loading and unloading the truck. Before you select the right movers to hire for help on your upcoming moving day, you may be wondering what licenses and certifications are available for moving companies in your area.

Certifications for Moving Companies
The American Moving and Storage Association is one of the most popular and reputable industry associations for those who are planning to move into our out of the United States from Canada. They provide moving companies with the Promover certification, and many of the top companies available throughout the country and beyond have this certification. The certification process for this organization includes being a member in good standing for at least 18 months, signing a stringent agreement and passing a background check. Keep in mind that this is one of several certifications available for moving companies. For each one that you come across, simply research the certification process to determine how stringent the requirements are to become certified. This will help you to determine if the certification is worthy of helping you to make a good buying decision when choosing a mover.

The Licensing Requirements for Movers
The licensing requirements for movers varies from location to location. In most cases, moving companies at minimum need to have the right license to drive a large truck, and they also must be insured or bonded to work in this field. You can review your location’s minimum requirements as a first step. Keep in mind that some locations require moving companies to take training and educational classes before being issued a permit. When you review the license or permit, ensure that it is valid by date. You can also check with the issuing organization to ensure that the company is in good standing with them.

These may seem like unnecessary extra steps when selecting movers to help you on moving day. After all, you may be most concerned with cost of services, available services and consumer reviews. These are important factors to review as well, and each of these points should be taken into consideration when making a final hiring decision. Keep in mind that your moving company will be responsible for the care and transportation of everything you own on moving day, so you simply cannot do too much homework when deciding who to trust with this important task. To learn more, visit Hudson Movers.

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