10 Crucial Safety Guidelines to Follow When Cleaning Your Roof

When you think about your home’s first line of defense, the roof always comes to mind. Roofs basically act as your home’s first line of defense when it comes to elements like rain, sun, snow, heat, etc. These are just some of the prime reasons why your home roof needs to be and stay in its prime condition. Roofing maintenance happens to be one of those home improvements tasks that must be done annually. According to roofing Toronto experts, frequent checkups and maintenance of your roofs after every season improves its durability.

A properly maintained and serviced roof can serve its owner for up to 50 years, perhaps, even more, depending on the materials from which the roof was made. Like metal, synthetic, and concrete roofs have been known to last for up to 50 years if properly maintained.

This article will give you some crucial safety guidelines on what you can do to your roof when doing your regular maintenance on it.

1. Use shoes with good traction

Roofs are known to be wet, soapy, or mossy from time to time which can be slippery and can cause an unsuspecting party unplanned for accidents. So, avoid climbing on your roof if you don’t have shoes with good traction on them.

2. Walk on the lower portions of the tiles

Most roofs are installed at an angle. Meaning that you ensure to place your footing on the lower parts of the tile if you step on the tiles. Do this or look for a supported portion of your roof that is supported from underneath. That is just one reason why you need to know your roof very well before you climb on to make your regular maintenance.

3. Distribute your weight

Chances are high that you might fall through the roof if you step on a weak point. It is for that reason that you need to try and distribute your weight while on the roof to try and lessen the total pressure exerted on the roof tiles. Cushion the underside of your roof’s plywood with foam to act as reassurance support for your weight.

4. Stand on flat areas

While on your roof, also try as much as possible to stand on the flattest parts. The flat parts of the roof will be much safer to stand on. Plus, you will also widely distribute your weight on the roof. Making it less likely that it breaks in with you.

5. Stay on dry areas

You should also ensure that you choose the driest possible areas on your roof to stand on. Plan your work in advance so that you are set to work only on the dry parts at any time.

6. Section the roof

It is also advisable that you section the parts of the roof that you intend to work on so that you can work on different sections at different times. Maybe some sections are wet while others are dry. You can start with the dry sections as the wet sections dry up.

7. Buff the tiles

When washed or cleaned, tiles tend to react to some of the cleaning agents and form efflorescence. You can buff your tiles to completely remove the efflorescence from the roof.

8. Dress appropriately

Ensure that you dress for maximum cover-up and comfort before you get to your roof. Remember, you will be working under direct sunlight or other weather elements.

9. Use the ladder

Ensure that you have a secure and stable ladder to climb on your roof. You can also use the ladder when cleaning your roof gutters.

10. Protect your plants

When cleaning your roof, it is advisable that you protect and plants that you may have planted around or below the roof. Some roof cleaning agents can be very harsh on plants. Protect your plants if you don’t want to end up with burnt up or dead plants.

Proof That A Furnished Apartment Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

Whether you want to buy an apartment or rent one, there are so many things that you have to consider. The location, the amenities, proximity to your place of work as well as the schools that your kids go to. You will definitely have so much to do so you need to ask yourself what the easier option is, buying an apartment to fill or a furnished apartment. Below is proof that furnished apartments Toronto are exactly what you are looking for.

1. No need to move furniture

Renting a furnished apartment eliminates the need to move furniture when you are moving in as well as when you will be moving out. Usually, it would require you to hire some movers just to move your things and have them at your new place. This will cost you so much money and time. You can be able to save yourself the hustle by getting a furnished apartment because then the only thing you would need to carry is your clothes. If you have your set of keys then you are ready to move in.

2. Money

The need for movers when moving your things only requires you to spend some more money on top of what you have already paid for the apartment. You can eliminate the need to use some more money by getting a furnished apartment. Budgets can be tight sometimes and if it is possible to get a furnished apartment then you will not have to worry about the expense of getting your furniture to your new place.

3. Perfect for work

There are people whose occupations require them to travel a lot. Consequently, they are always moving from one place to another. If you are one such person, the best thing for you to do any time you want to move is to get a furnished apartment so that you don’t always have to move around with all your furniture and belongings. It’s much cheaper, saves a lot of time and is less hectic.

4. Mobility

Buying a rented apartment generally makes you much more mobile than you would have been if you were in an apartment where you had all your furniture in. If you need to make a quick move to a different place, you can always do that with so much ease. People generally opt for furnished apartment because it gives them a chance to be able to move whenever they so wish. That and the fact that you can save on time and money while limiting the amount of effort that you would have to use if you were moving in and out of apartments that are not furnished.

6 Things to Do Before Hiring Someone For Interior Painting


We will discuss how to pick an interior paint color, how to prep your walls, and how to do the finishing.

You need to change the paint of your room interior to give your home a fresh look. It’s one of the fastest ways of home improvement projects. If your budget is low and you don’t have much time, changing the interior paint decor is the best possible solution. But before you decide to go with it, you need to consider some important things.

So, here are 6 things to do before you hire someone for interior painting.

1. Paint preparation for interior painting

Preparation for paint is the backbone for the entire job of changing the interiors of any building. If it’s done correctly, the selected paint will perform to the best of its ability. If you’re not careful about the paint preparation, it can go horribly wrong.

You will suffer from paint crack, peel, and easily coming off the wall. Therefore, before you start with your project, you need to make all the necessary arrangements beforehand. Painting project isn’t a one-off deal.

It requires prep that you cannot ignore. The first thing to do is to clear the dirty walls, especially the ones that are near the sink and stove. The greasy surface of these places has deposits of soap scum that will interfere with the paint’s adhesive ability.

Image via Pixabay

2. Checking for lead paint

Homes that are built before 1978 have lead in their paint. You need to consult a qualified person who is an expert in lead detection. If lead is present, you need to take it out before you can begin with re-painting your house.

Be careful about the layers of paint on your walls, as the older the home is, the possibility of underlying layer with lead is always present. Once the original layers are removed, you can go ahead with the next step.

Image via Pixabay

3. Hire a professional for your interior painting project

Your contract with your professional painter must include the products involved and how the work will take place. Things to keep in mind are the amount of preparation for wall surface, priming and the primer used, the brand of paint selected. At last, how many coats of paint is included in the contract?

Image via Pixabay

4. Extra costs involved

This is extremely important. You need to ask your contractor about the extra costs that are involved. Things like removing furniture from its original place involve extra work. And whether or not the existing contract covers it.

The average height of the ceilings is 8 feet, anything about it might involve extra costs. So be upfront about these problems and clear any doubts regarding extra costs.

Image via Pixabay

5. Picking the paint color

Before picking the color for interior painting, the first thing to keep in mind is the dimensions and space of the room. If you choose a dark color, it will make your room look smaller. If you have a smaller room, it is prudent to go with a lighter shade.

Before you purchase the colors, you can first invest in a quarter-sized can of paint to check how it goes before you decide to go with it.

Paint one part of the wall, which gets maximum light, check it throughout the day and night as to how it feels. If it’s blending well with the interiors of your room and you like the mood of it, you can go ahead with that particular color.

Another important point to keep in mind is that if you decide to sell your home, you need to go with neutral colors. This is critical, as the buyers of your home will visualize their items in your home and neutral colors have the ability to provide such environment.

Image via Pixabay

6. Choosing the finishing

If the surface of your wall is uneven, you can consider a flat paint for interior painting. However, if you choose flat paint, it becomes harder to clean at a later stage.

The eggshell finish has a slight advantage when it comes to glossy shine. It’s also easy to clean. As a rule of thumb, it’s believed that better the shine of the wall the better it is for washing and cleaning.

Image via Pixabay


6 Reasons to Choose Furnished Apartments Over Hotel Rooms for Long-Term Travel


Traveling to a new city or country for pleasure or business requires finding the best place to stay. Most people choose hotels, but for any trip that lasts more than a couple of weeks, furnished apartments may be a better option. The benefits of short term rentals range from comfort and convenience to overall cost savings.

Consider these 6 reasons to choose furnished apartments instead of hotels the next time you need to travel for a longer perdiod of time.


1 — More Room to Spread Out 

Even the nicest hotels only give you a bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom. The kitchenette may consist of a mini-fridge and a coffee maker on a small table with two chairs nearby. Not only do you get a fully equipped kitchen with an apartment rental, you have a full living room to relax in, and possibly multiple bedrooms to choose from.


2 — Neighborhood Feel

In hotels, neighbors come and go. Even if you stay for a month, you will not meet any of them or get involved in the surrounding area. Apartments offer the chance to get acquainted and live your life closer to the way you do at home. Take a jog around the block in the morning. Become a regular at the local diner.

3 — Kitchen Comfort

One of the best reasons to choose short-term apartments over hotel rooms is kitchen access. Eating out for every meal is expensive. Even heading down to the hotel restaurant can get boring and tedious. Sometimes you just want to stay in, lounge around in your pajamas, and have a bowl of soup or a plate of pasta.

4 — Community Amenities

Hotels may have a gym, pool, and spa, but most apartment complexes have these things too. They also frequently have more robust parking options and even reserved spots, full laundry facilities, private or semi-private outdoor living space, and more allowances for pets and visitors. Find out more on community amenities here.

5 — More Central Locations

Unless you are traveling to a very popular destination with a lot of tourists or corporate traffic, a hotel could leave you on the outskirts of the area or out near the highway. Apartments are built and rented right in the middle of where people want to live. This means you will be closer to the office, the attractions, and the nightlife.

6 — Save Money Overall

Although the actual savings depends on where, how big, and when, short term rentals of an apartment can save you up to 50% over a hotel rental. This is just for the room itself, too. You will also save on food, tips, and more.

For a more comfortable atmosphere and a lower budget for long-term travel, short term apartment rentals with furniture included make sense. Next time you go out of town for business or pleasure, consider renting a home away from home instead at City Gas Suites.

5 Features to Explore of a Locksmith Company

You don’t want to trust just any locksmith with the security of your home, business, or vehicle. As such, there are a few features to look for when choosing a company to help with door locks and more.

1. 24-Hour Service

If you’re able to make a phone call 24 hours a day, it ensures you’re able to have your needs met. Whether you need a lockout service because of locking your keys in the car or you need an emergency repair to a lock, a locksmith can come out. It ensures you don’t have to wait until the next business day.

2. Fast Dispatch Times

There’s nothing worse than waiting several hours for a locksmith to show up. Whether you need your deadbolt locks changed or you want to explore the benefits of a keypack lock, the professionals should be timely. A fast dispatch time should be promoted by the company so you will know that they will be on their way within an hour of you placing the call. This is especially important if it is an emergency.

3. High Reviews

A company should have high reviews from past customers. These can be reviewed on a number of sites, such as Google and Yelp. If you have heard someone rave about their keyless entry locks, the customer service that they obtained, or the pricing, it will provide you with more confidence that the company is capable of doing the job and doing it right.

4. Upfront Pricing

You shouldn’t be surprised by the bill that you get. You should be able to call and get a quote for an automatic door opener or key cutting. It makes it easier for you to know what your total cost is going to be. Further, you want to make sure that there are no hidden fees. If you can’t get a company to give you a quote upfront, you should plan on finding another company to do business with.

5. Licensed & Insured

Any company that comes into your home or business should be licensed and insured. It demonstrates that they are professional. Further, they should be insured so that if something breaks or they become injured on your property, they are financially responsible for it. You can also ask to see their license and insurance when they arrive on site.

When you take the time to research locksmiths, it will be easier to hire one with confidence. There are resources available at Lock-Up Services Inc if you want more information.

5 Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Loft Apartment

A lot of times, it can be overwhelming to think about what to do with your home to get the most out of it. This is the case with apartments and houses anywhere, whether it’s Toronto lofts, apartments, or condos. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. With the right combination of strategies, you can enjoy a beautiful place with minimal effort:


#1 – Lighting

Apartments can look a lot different depending on how you have them lit. If you don’t light them correctly, you could actually end up underestimating the space you have. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, spruce things up with a combination of lighting tools. This includes some soft light lamps, overhead bar rail lighting, and runner lighting on common walking areas.


#2 – Furniture

There are few things that can improve your loft more than great furniture. The difference between outdated and drab and modern and edgy is often just a few chairs, a couch, and a table. With the right gear, you’ll be loving every square inch of your loft in no time. Then, you don’t have to worry about being judged by your friends.


#3 – View

A great loft often comes with a great view. However, it doesn’t go into effect if you never use it. Make sure to leave curtains open as often as possible. Situate seating areas facing the windows so you can soak up the visuals at every opportunity. It’s a lot more satisfying than staring at the wall.


#4 – Colors

When you are selecting your colors, keep the end goal in mind. You might want something bold and wild, or you may want to go with more subdued colors. The key is to understand that it doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as it goes along with the true nature of your vision. But also don’t be afraid to take some risks in your decisions. It could pay off big time for you.


#5 – Entertain

What good is a loft if you don’t show it off every now and then? If you spend all of your time just barely having a person over every once in a while, you’ll feel like you didn’t get the full value out of it. If you have a great social circle, host regular parties at your place. You’ll soon be the social butterfly of the town, and your reputation will soar in other people’s eyes.


Whether you’re most interested in lofts for sale Toronto or just some other kind of hard lofts or soft lofts for your real estate needs, the same thing applies: you can do simple everyday things to get the most out of your space.  For more resources on condo living, check out https://torontocondoteam.ca/blog

Finding Superior Opportunities with the Toronto Real Estate Market

For prospective homeowners who may be considering a relocation and investors who wish to find and make use of superior investment opportunities, choosing the right location and local real estate market is of paramount concern. With a number of unique locations and properties to choose from and the robust market values that the Toronto area has been able to enjoy in the past, this area may have much to offer. Finding a better property or investment opportunity may be a far more difficult concern for those who target the wrong markets or locations, focusing your search on the right markets and locations can ensure you are met with greater success in your efforts.

The Importance of Location 

Locations that are able to provide residents with access to the best resources and living arrangements, as well as those that can provide economic benefits to commercial property investors, are not an issue that you can afford to take lightly. Failing to consider the importance of location during your search could limit your results and find many investors missing out on the chance to make use of a superior opportunity. With a number of neighborhoods and locations to choose from, the Toronto real-estate market may prove to be an ideal location for your search.

Investing in the Right Property 

Choosing a home or commercial property that will be more likely to increase in value will ensure that you have far more than just a location that is able to meet your needs. Ensuring that you will be able to sell your property for a greater return can provide many property owners and real estate owners with a greater degree of financial security. Being forces to sell your property at a loss would be a very unfortunate situation, one that will be all too likely faced by those who fail to research their options or invest in the right markets.

Working with a Professional 

Utilizing the superior resources, expertise and knowledge of the local market that a professional has to offer can provide you with the chance to enjoy a shorter and more successful search. Finding and selecting the right realtor or locator service may allow investors to enjoy a number of significant advantages. For those who lack insight into the local real-estate opportunities, or who are serious about finding the best properties, seeking a little professional assistance can make a big difference in your efforts.

Finding a Better Property 

By targeting more robust real-estate markets, selecting the right location and working with a professional in your efforts, it may be possible to find a better property or investment opportunity. With a number of popular locations and neighborhoods to choose from, the Toronto location may be well worth your consideration when it comes to finding your next residential property, commercial location or investment opportunity. Exploring the many opportunities that may be found within a superior real-estate market will ensure that you are able to enjoy a more successful search and the chance to find the perfect property.

Which Types of Hardwood Flooring Complement Lodge Style Home Décor?

Lodge style home décor is trending up in 2017, and so is hardwood flooring. These two interior elements are well suited for pairing together in the same environment, but you have an overwhelming number of choices for wood species, stain colours and finishes to use. If you’re interested in decorating your home with lodge style furnishings, perhaps you’re wondering which types of hardwood flooring would complement them. Let’s discuss some of your best options.

Wood Species

Cabin Grade Oak Flooring — Oak is one of the top choices for wood flooring in lodge style environments. Oak wood is available in different grades, and all of them are suitable choices for lodge style decorating. Cabin grade oak is a particularly attractive choice for this purpose. It’s an affordable wood featuring a rustic look that includes natural knots and wood grain.

Heart Pine Wood Flooring — If you’re specifically interested in hardwood flooring, a pine floor isn’t an option. Pine gets dented and shows marks easily, and it is not generally considered a hard wood. However, pine flooring does complement lodge style décor exceptionally well. If the hardness of the wood is not a major concern to you, pine is worth considering as a suitable flooring material. It’s an affordable choice. Its knotty, rustic surface is the perfect backdrop for wool rugs and other design elements that are typically incorporated into environments decorated in the lodge style.


Hand-scraped wood surfaces are on-trend and appropriate for flooring in lodge style interiors. This type of finish is optional, but it adds a subtle amount of visual interest to the environment that’s quite appealing.

Clear polyurethane is an ideal finish for showing off the rustic knots and wood grain inherent in cabin grade oak.

Warm coloured wood stains are all generally appropriate finishes for enhancing lodge style décor.

Board Width

Wide boards are one of the top hardwood flooring trends right now. These are ideal for accenting a space that’s being decorated in a more trend-conscious type of style such as the “mountain modern” evolution of lodge style decorating that is currently popular.

Narrow boards fit well with the traditional aesthetic, and they’re appropriate for use in classic lodge style environments.

Solid vs Engineered Flooring

Solid wood flooring is preferable if your budget allows for its integration into the design. Otherwise, engineered hardwood flooring is a less expensive option you could consider.

The options mentioned above offer you some of the most affordable and appealing selections possible. We think you’d enjoy having any of these types of wood flooring installed in your lodge style interior. We hope this short list will be helpful to you in narrowing down your options to make a final decision.

Real Estate Agent Commission Advances: What Happens if Your Deal Does Not Close?

The majority of residential purchase contracts that pass through the option period will close, although the exact closing date may not occur exactly on schedule in many instances. With this in mind, real estate agents can confidently work with commission advance companies. These are financial companies that offer real estate agent commission advances. Many have an easy application process, and you may simply need to provide your proof of licensing as well as your copy of an executed sales contract to receive an advance on your commission. When the deal closes, you pay back your advance with a modest fee. However, because not every residential real estate deal will close, you may wonder what happens in the rare event that your deal does not close as planned.

Read the Fine Print
Commission advance companies typically have a clause in their financial agreement with you regarding this possibility. Because each company handles this matter in different ways, it is important to read the fine print before you finalize your advance plans. For example, some will allow you to extend the repayment date until your next deal closes, or they may allow you to transfer the advance to another active contract you have in place. Others may demand that you repay the money as soon as the deal falls through. It is wise to learn more about this policy before you decide which of the real estate commission advance companies you should work with.

Have a Plan
The unfortunate reality is that some deals will fall apart despite your best efforts to keep them moving forward. This certainly will not happen with every deal or even with most deals, but it does happen to most agents from time to time. With this in mind, savvy real estate agents will have a plan in mind to pay the commission back before they find themselves in a sticky situation. It can be stressful and even devastating to lose a deal, and it can be even more stressful when you find yourself in debt with your advance because of the loss of a deal. When you have a repayment plan in mind, you can more easily navigate through this type of event.

Residential real estate deals can and do fall apart from time to time. They always result in unpaid time and effort at the expense of the real estate agents involved in the transaction. With this in mind, you may understandably be disappointed after the loss of a deal. You may be more disappointed with the result if you have taken out a commission advance on it. Because each company handles this possibility differently, you should take time to research companies’ rules as a first step before you decide which advance company to use for your financial needs.

3 Ways Professional Painters Can Improve Your Home’s Look

You may go to great lengths to improve your home décor, and this may include purchasing expensive furnishings, updating your flooring and investing in new window treatments for every room of the home. While these are important steps to take that can impact the look for your home with fabulous ways, the look of your rooms may still not be complete. You may also benefit in numerous ways through the services of professional painters. Some homeowners may think about painting walls on their own, but there are many ways a painting company can help you beyond basic painting services.

Adding Color to the Walls
The most obvious way a painting company can assist homeowners with improving home décor is through residential painting services. Paint is most commonly applied to walls in an even coat with a single color, but decorative paint techniques are becoming increasingly common. For example, some Oakville painters may use a faux technique to blend two different colors together on the wall, or they may use tape to create lines for a striped look in the room. Different techniques offered by your painting company can change the look of your room in tremendous ways, and these are only a few of the techniques your painting company may use to improve the look of your home.

Improving Your Furnishings
Some painters also offer painting services for furnishings. For example, some may whitewash a table, and this may be followed by using a distressing technique to improve the look of the table with an antique appearance. Some may sand down old wood furnishings and may re-stain them to restore their appearance. These are only a few of the residential painting services that may be used on furnishings to improve home decor.

Removing Outdated Wallpaper
Many homeowners love to install wallpaper, and you may have wallpaper or paper borders in several rooms of your home. While these may have been decorative at one time, they may now be an eyesore that you want to remove. Removing wallpaper can be a hassle, and many people struggle to fully remove all pieces even with the most diligent effort. However, this is necessary before you apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls. If you need to remove wallpaper from one or more rooms in your home, painting services may be necessary.

While you may most commonly think about hiring a painting company to apply a simple coat of paint to the walls, you can see that their services often far exceed this basic task. Through these and other residential painting services offered by different companies, you may be able to improve the look of your home in many ways.