6 Things to Do Before Hiring Someone For Interior Painting


We will discuss how to pick an interior paint color, how to prep your walls, and how to do the finishing.

You need to change the paint of your room interior to give your home a fresh look. It’s one of the fastest ways of home improvement projects. If your budget is low and you don’t have much time, changing the interior paint decor is the best possible solution. But before you decide to go with it, you need to consider some important things.

So, here are 6 things to do before you hire someone for interior painting.

1. Paint preparation for interior painting

Preparation for paint is the backbone for the entire job of changing the interiors of any building. If it’s done correctly, the selected paint will perform to the best of its ability. If you’re not careful about the paint preparation, it can go horribly wrong.

You will suffer from paint crack, peel, and easily coming off the wall. Therefore, before you start with your project, you need to make all the necessary arrangements beforehand. Painting project isn’t a one-off deal.

It requires prep that you cannot ignore. The first thing to do is to clear the dirty walls, especially the ones that are near the sink and stove. The greasy surface of these places has deposits of soap scum that will interfere with the paint’s adhesive ability.

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2. Checking for lead paint

Homes that are built before 1978 have lead in their paint. You need to consult a qualified person who is an expert in lead detection. If lead is present, you need to take it out before you can begin with re-painting your house.

Be careful about the layers of paint on your walls, as the older the home is, the possibility of underlying layer with lead is always present. Once the original layers are removed, you can go ahead with the next step.

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3. Hire a professional for your interior painting project

Your contract with your professional painter must include the products involved and how the work will take place. Things to keep in mind are the amount of preparation for wall surface, priming and the primer used, the brand of paint selected. At last, how many coats of paint is included in the contract?

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4. Extra costs involved

This is extremely important. You need to ask your contractor about the extra costs that are involved. Things like removing furniture from its original place involve extra work. And whether or not the existing contract covers it.

The average height of the ceilings is 8 feet, anything about it might involve extra costs. So be upfront about these problems and clear any doubts regarding extra costs.

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5. Picking the paint color

Before picking the color for interior painting, the first thing to keep in mind is the dimensions and space of the room. If you choose a dark color, it will make your room look smaller. If you have a smaller room, it is prudent to go with a lighter shade.

Before you purchase the colors, you can first invest in a quarter-sized can of paint to check how it goes before you decide to go with it.

Paint one part of the wall, which gets maximum light, check it throughout the day and night as to how it feels. If it’s blending well with the interiors of your room and you like the mood of it, you can go ahead with that particular color.

Another important point to keep in mind is that if you decide to sell your home, you need to go with neutral colors. This is critical, as the buyers of your home will visualize their items in your home and neutral colors have the ability to provide such environment.

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6. Choosing the finishing

If the surface of your wall is uneven, you can consider a flat paint for interior painting. However, if you choose flat paint, it becomes harder to clean at a later stage.

The eggshell finish has a slight advantage when it comes to glossy shine. It’s also easy to clean. As a rule of thumb, it’s believed that better the shine of the wall the better it is for washing and cleaning.

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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Why Now is Better than Ever

selling your home

If you are a homeowner in Toronto and you have considered putting your house on the market, now is the time to call a real estate agent and do it. There are a lot of changes occurring in the real estate market and in the economy, so now is the time to get your house ready for potential buyers to come through. Depending on the area where you live and what type of home you have, selling the house may happen before you have found a new place to live. Here are a few reasons why you want to think about selling before the end of the calendar year.


Home Prices on the Rise


Home prices have increased in the Toronto area by more than 20 percent in the last year, so it’s time to sell and make the most profit possible if you have a house that you want to put on the market. Instead of waiting until the prices may drop, or until there aren’t as many interested buyers, the time to sell is now and you want to find an agent that can complete this for you quickly.


Mortgage Restrictions in the Future


Right now there are many mortgage applicants looking to buy homes, but new restrictions on mortgage rates are going to make it more difficult for people to buy homes. When it’s harder for people to get approved for a mortgage, the volume of home sales will decrease. Sell your property before you can’t find someone to get approved to buy it.


Foreign Investors are Flooding the Housing Market


Investors from around the globe are currently trying to break into the Canadian housing market, and they are trying to accumulate properties before taxes and mortgage requirements change. You can get rid of your property while there are several foreign buyers that want to buy homes for sale in your exact region, and while these buyers can still easily purchase Canadian properties.


If the thought of selling your home so you can downsize, build a house that you want, or to relocate has been something that you’ve talked about and considered, it’s time to put your thoughts into action and to hire a real estate professional to help you get started. You’ll want to work to get top dollar for your property, so you can invest the money that you make into another property, or into another type of financial staple in your life.