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Four Ways to Save Money on Your Long Distance Moving Services

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The mere thought of trying to load all of your furniture and other belongings onto a truck can seem daunting or even impossible. Many people who are preparing to relocate a long distance away will hire movers to assist with the effort. However, if you are trying to relocate on a tight budget, you may be wondering how you can save money while still taking advantage of the services of long distance movers. Before you book service with your moving company, think about how these money-saving tips could apply to your situation.


1. Pack Your Own Boxes
Some people want to decrease the amount of time and energy required on their part to relocate to a new home. To accomplish this goal, they may ask the moving company to pack their boxes, to disconnect appliances and more. The more services that the movers provide, the greater your cost will be. You can save a substantial amount of money by doing as much as of the packing and unpacking as possible yourself.


own truck
2. Only Pay for Loading and Unloading Services
Long distance movers are generally hired to load the truck, to transport the truck across the state or beyond and to unload the truck. Therefore, you are paying for the extended use of the movers’ truck as well as for their time while they are en route. An alternative that may save you money is to rent your own truck. Pay movers to load the truck in your current location, and schedule service to unload the truck once you arrive in your new location.


3. Be Flexible
Another great way to save money on long distance movers is to be flexible with regards to your moving date and time. The service should not be inconvenient for you, but some flexibility could result in substantial savings. For example, if you can plan a mid-week move rather a weekend move, you could shave a substantial amount of money off of the total cost of your relocation efforts.


4. Shop Around for the Best Rates
The rates charged for moving services vary substantially. This includes for basic services, such as loading and unloading the truck. It also includes for additional services, such as packing boxes, disconnecting electronics and more. Identify the type of services that you desire. Then, contact a few reputable moving companies to request quotes.

A long-distance relocation project can understandably be stressful, and it can also be expensive in many cases. While this is not the type of project that you want to complete on your own, you also should not have to pay a small fortune for assistance. Visit Premiere Van Lines to prepare for your big day.

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