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How to Choose a Condo That Feels More Like a Single-Family Home

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There are a lot of benefits of buying a condo. For one thing, in large cities like downtown Toronto, it can be a whole lot easier to find a multi-family residence than a single-family home. Plus, buying a condo can be a whole lot cheaper and can provide you with a lot of amenities that you might not be able to enjoy if you buy a single-family residence.

Even though you might understand and value the benefits of buying a condo, however, you might feel that condos feel a little less personal and “homey” than a single-family residence. Luckily, if you are looking for condos for sale in Toronto and want a home that feels more like a single-family residence, following these tips can help.

Look for a Smaller Community

When many people think about condos, they think about long, sprawling buildings in huge communities. Even though you can certainly find plenty of these in downtown Toronto and elsewhere across the country, they aren’t your only option. Instead, consider looking for smaller condo communities, which can provide all of the same benefits but can be a whole lot smaller. This can be comforting for someone who is looking for a quieter home.

Search for Well-Constructed Condos

Not all condominiums are created equally. If you choose a cheaply built condo, you might find yourself in accommodations that don’t feel much better than the cheap lofts that you might have rented when you were in college. Plus, a condo with cheaper construction can also be a lot noisier, meaning that you might be able to hear your neighbors a whole lot more. Consider spending a little more money to buy a condo that is truly well-built and that you can count on for both comfort and for property value retention in the future.

Find a “Private” Yard

Sure, you probably aren’t going to find a condo with a big yard anytime soon. However, many condominiums do have private patios or small backyards that you can enjoy. Consider looking for one with a little more outdoor space — and hopefully with fencing on both sides, which can provide you with a lot more privacy from your neighbors — so that you can enjoy more of a single-family home and lot feel. With some of these condos, the yard and patio areas are large enough that they are almost comparable to the single-family homes that are built on tiny lots in big neighborhoods!

If you were hoping for a single-family home but have found that a condo is the best choice due to cost, location or a host of other factors, you should know that you don’t have to give up on the idea of buying a home that you will love. Instead, consider these tips so that you can find a condo that will at least partly meet your preferences. You can learn more by visiting Reza Afshar Real Estate.

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