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Keeping Your Home and Family Safe With Corner Guards

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Small children are both naturally curious and notoriously uncoordinated. Therefore, they will gladly walk or run into a wall or fall down and hit their head or another body part on a sharp corner. To protect your children from themselves and the condo from your children, it may be a good idea to have stainless steel corner guards installed in your home.

Corner Guards Are Relatively Easy to InstallA corner guard can be installed in a home or in condominiums with relative ease. All you need is a pencil to mark where the guard should go, a drill to make holes for the screws and a screwdriver to to insert them. You will also need to wipe down the wall and the floor to get rid of any dust or plaster that may have fallen.

They Are Effective for Protecting Walls in Condos

When you own a condo, it is in your best interest to maintain it as best you can. If there are holes or marks on the walls, it may signal to a prospective buyer that it may not be worth the price that you are asking for it. To some, small cracks and holes in the wall are signs of significant wear or possible water or other issue inside the walls that cannot be seen.

These Guards May Prevent the Spread of Airborne Irritants

Corner guards may be useful for protecting your children and yourself from airborne irritants or other particles in the air that could be harmful to their health. It is common for an issue called filtration soiling to occur in rental homes where walls near baseboards are not properly sealed. Dust, mold and pet dander can then be sucked up through the wall and spread throughout the home.

They Don’t Need to be Ugly or Intrusive

Stainless steel corner guards should be on your list if you are doing kitchen or any other types of renovations in your home. It may be possible to stain or otherwise treat them to better blend in with the rest of the room. However, the stainless steel material may be perfect as it is for those who desire a postmodern look or for landlords who prefer function over style for their tenants.

Corner guards offer a combination of function and style that will keep your family safe from sharp edges and your walls safe from excessive scuffs and cracks. Whether you are planning minor upgrades for your home or want to completely renovate a condo or rental property, they should be a part of any plan to make your property a safer one to live in. For additional resources, visit the Boss Corner Guards blog.

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