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Making Your Condos Interior Painting Less Stressful

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Interior painting is one home improvement project that can quickly refresh the interior of most condos or homes for relatively little money and time. It is, however, important to pick the right painters as well as consider several other important factors.

Probably the most cost-effective ways of re-decorating condos is doing it yourself. When you take the Do-It-Yourself approach, this can be between $200 and $300. However, it is, important to remember the time factor when doing the painting yourself.

Hiring a Professional

Professional painters will no doubt give you a top finish. Typically, they will provide most of what the project requires in terms of supplies, but they can also agree to charge labour fees only if you supply the materials. In Canada, the cost of painting an average size room can range anywhere between $380 and $790, without counting the ceiling, trims and the paint cost.

It is, therefore, vital that the contract should clearly define what the painters will do and the kind of products to be used. Areas to include are the type of surface preparation, primer type, the priming, and the paint brand. To avoid stressful disagreements after the job, include in the contract the number of coats of paint to be done.

Organize Your Furnishings In Advance

Whenever possible, ensure the areas to be painted are empty of belongings and furnishings. This makes it possible for the person painting to paint all parts properly, without the need to spend valuable time covering and moving furniture etc.

If your furnishings and furniture cannot be moved out, try moving them to the center of the room and cover all large items before the painters arrive. You can also save more time by covering the flooring using “poly” sheets.

Removing and shifting heavy furniture may actually not be part of the estimates received from painter. If you are unable or not in a position of doing it, inquire whether the painter will add any additional charge.

Give Painters Space

If you want the entire home painted all at once, the best approach, whenever possible is to either plan on staying elsewhere or take a short vacation for the duration of the job. This is particularly important if your condo has staircases to be painted. This allows the professional painter to properly cover up everything nicely before starting the work, protecting your belongings. This also helps in speeding up the clean-up after work.


Painting is among the easiest and quickest ways of giving your condo’s interior a beautiful facelift. Fortunately, today interior painting doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a leg. With a well-planned DIY job, you can have a beautifully painted condo at less cost. If you want a professional finish, engage expert painters at a slightly higher cost. For more information, visit the Absolute Home Services blog.

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