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Six creative ways to hide eyesores in your compound

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It goes without saying that most of our homes have a few eyesores that you may need to conceal from your guests. These eyesores may be as a result of damages to our property or may be part of some necessary and functional equipment’s that make our lives comfortable. You don’t have to live with them though; you can try to cover them up.

Some of the common eyesores in modern homes and ways of concealing them through landscaping are as follows:


  1. Air conditioning

There are those AC units that come with an outdoor unit and hence need for you to get space for them outside. Well, they may not necessarily be an eyesore, but they are not appealing either and may need to be appropriately concealed.

One way to cover it up is by use of a wooden box taking care not to close the ventilation areas as well as leave enough space for a door in case you need to access its controls.

Another way to creatively conceal such especially when dealing with large units is to plant some cover plants around it that will help in diverting one’s eyesight to the plants instead of the AC unit.




  1. Unpleasant sights

These include neighboring rooflines, utility poles and other sights that may be unappealing to the eye. It is essential to know how to deal with such because you cannot control what other people will display.

The best way to hide such eyesores is to plant tall trees to provide a solid cover against such unpleasant sights. You can also extend the height of the wall to block them from your view.

  1. The barbecue grill

Many homesteads have this necessary equipment but if placed in the wrong place may spoil the entire look of the compound. Therefore, it is advisable to use some beautiful slender shrubs to conceal it from view while adding a little life to it.


  1. Propane Tanks


Just like the AC unit the propane tank was meant for functionality purposes and not beauty hence, it may create some disarray in your landscaping design. But there is no need to worry though because you can use a plant fence to conceal it but this will also depend on its location in the landscape. If for instance is located in the middle of the garden, you may have to incorporate it into the design and plant some plants to conceal it while also making sure that they complement the landscape. If it is outside the scene, you will still need to hide with plants but make sure it does not attract too much attention.

  1. Washed down downspouts

Downspouts are eyesores in most homes because most designers only incorporate the effectiveness aspect when installing. However, you can change that and make yours attractive by replacing it with a beautiful and functional piece that is available.

You can also choose to make it less noticeable by adding some little vines to form a trail and cover up the downspout but careful not to bring down your roof.

Another trick that will aid in concealing the unwanted downspout is planting a finely textured plant to grow along the vertical downspout and partially obstruct the eye from it.


  1. Litter Bins

Lastly, another common eyesore is the trash bin. It is a necessary eyesore for most homes; thus, you must find a way of covering it so as not to spoil the landscaping.

The best way to cover it up is by using wooden storage that can be painted to accentuate the general feeling of the whole landscaped area.


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