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The Suites – Designed for living

The living spaces of the Mercer have been designed to make downtown city living effortless, elegant and urbane.

Sleek, modular and integrated combine the latest ideas about how to make the transitions between the living, dining and kitchen areas seamless and aesthetically pleasing. Central to this process is designing the kitchen so it doesn’t “look” like a kitchen but rather as an extension of the living room. This design sleight of hand has been accomplished by applying veneer panels to the kitchen appliances—the refrigerator and dishwasher—to match the millwork of the cabinets. From a distance they “read” like two elegant pillars framing either side of the kitchen’s workstation. An island further provides spatial definition.

A similar treatment in the bathroom—applying two—toned veneer to the vanity—makes the space seem elegant, integrated and uncluttered.

When you live in such an intensely urban environment as downtown Toronto, your home acts as a refuge from the excitement and energy outside your front door. It’s a nest, where everything should be designed to make life simple, easy, effortless. That has been beautifully accomplished at the suites of The Mercer.

Kitchen / Living Room Master Bedroom Balcony Bathroom
Bedroom Kitchen Living Room Study


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