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Which Types of Hardwood Flooring Complement Lodge Style Home Décor?

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Lodge style home décor is trending up in 2017, and so is hardwood flooring. These two interior elements are well suited for pairing together in the same environment, but you have an overwhelming number of choices for wood species, stain colours and finishes to use. If you’re interested in decorating your home with lodge style furnishings, perhaps you’re wondering which types of hardwood flooring would complement them. Let’s discuss some of your best options.

Wood Species

Cabin Grade Oak Flooring — Oak is one of the top choices for wood flooring in lodge style environments. Oak wood is available in different grades, and all of them are suitable choices for lodge style decorating. Cabin grade oak is a particularly attractive choice for this purpose. It’s an affordable wood featuring a rustic look that includes natural knots and wood grain.

Heart Pine Wood Flooring — If you’re specifically interested in hardwood flooring, a pine floor isn’t an option. Pine gets dented and shows marks easily, and it is not generally considered a hard wood. However, pine flooring does complement lodge style décor exceptionally well. If the hardness of the wood is not a major concern to you, pine is worth considering as a suitable flooring material. It’s an affordable choice. Its knotty, rustic surface is the perfect backdrop for wool rugs and other design elements that are typically incorporated into environments decorated in the lodge style.


Hand-scraped wood surfaces are on-trend and appropriate for flooring in lodge style interiors. This type of finish is optional, but it adds a subtle amount of visual interest to the environment that’s quite appealing.

Clear polyurethane is an ideal finish for showing off the rustic knots and wood grain inherent in cabin grade oak.

Warm coloured wood stains are all generally appropriate finishes for enhancing lodge style décor.

Board Width

Wide boards are one of the top hardwood flooring trends right now. These are ideal for accenting a space that’s being decorated in a more trend-conscious type of style such as the “mountain modern” evolution of lodge style decorating that is currently popular.

Narrow boards fit well with the traditional aesthetic, and they’re appropriate for use in classic lodge style environments.

Solid vs Engineered Flooring

Solid wood flooring is preferable if your budget allows for its integration into the design. Otherwise, engineered hardwood flooring is a less expensive option you could consider.

The options mentioned above offer you some of the most affordable and appealing selections possible. We think you’d enjoy having any of these types of wood flooring installed in your lodge style interior. We hope this short list will be helpful to you in narrowing down your options to make a final decision.

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